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Who we are?

Ilu Ilu Agency deals with creating a professional corporate design. We perfectly know that having good product is not enough. You have to step up. Modern designed website and creative branding are the best recognition for every contemporary brand.

Case studies

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What we do?

Firstly, we take care of the brand recognition. No matter you are at the begging of running business or you want to place a new product on the market. We fulfil diverse graphical projects dedicated to the companies and individuals. Every single creation stamped by Ilu Ilu is unique. It is our hallmark.


Expresses your business's brand personality and sets you apart from the competition.

Logo, headed paper, business cards – are the toolkit which we prepared only for You.

and labels

Every single product needs a suitable likeness which distinguishes itself.

We keep abreast of contemporary trends in design. We perfectly know how to express soul of each supported brands.


We are able to prepare everything what can be useful in promoting your brand or product, such as:

posters, folders, banners dedicated to websites, canvas bags and even murals.


We implement the projects for individuals.

When you are dreaming about creating the unique invitations, outstanding poster or front cover for your brand – here is the perfect address. Ilu Ilu is dedicated to make the exceptional things.

We guarantee

From the scratch till the end we are fully involved in a creative process. Our goal is to get your satisfaction. We can fulfill not only single project but entire packages of actions which can lead to excel your brand image.

About us

Agata Ruszkowska
Very Important Lady

She wrote about art and trends in culture and now she wants to be trendsetter. She is responsible for direct contact with customer. She is a creator who has a master plan. Agata has everything to be a solid bridge between advertising industry and illustrators.

Ewelina Przywarta
Equally Very Important Lady

She has dealt with doing projects in creative sector for years. Her rich experience and natural born creativity cause finding the best solution for the clients.

Kamil Więckowski
Very Important Man

He watches over participative and organizational issues. There are no obstacles which he can’t overcome. His distinguishing features: rigour and on original mind-set.

Michał Więckowski
Equally Very Important Man

Lord and master of a creation. His professional track record is full of successfully internet and press campaigns. Modern design doesn’t keep any secrets from him. He is called „the Paganini of Photoshop”.

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